Principal Randy Asher Mask by RapMasks

$ 15.00
Principal Randy Asher Mask by RapMasks

BackstoryArguably the greatest high school principal of all time, he single handedly transformed the famously specialized Brooklyn Technical High School from a student centered environment to an unstoppable money making war machine. With his spectacular and heroic background in Mathematics, he utilized the high school's prestigious alumni to build up a war chest of millions. He transformed ordinary students into book toting, knowledge mercenaries. His ban of elevator use for the non-handicapped students conditioned the draft-eligible civilians into US Olympic grade stair climbers. His implementation of mandatory club hours has amassed hours upon hours in specialization of indispensable life skills such as ping pong, magic tricks, and key club which was a secret society in which no keys were manufactured. The inaugural class of 2010 and those classes that came after are honored  have served under the leadership of Principal Randy Asher, whose capacity and authority is second only to Winston Churchill himself. 

Size: 12 inches (Height) x 9 inches (Width)

Material: Premium 120 lb Matte Cardstock with Waterproof Lamination. Equipped with a durable, elastic stretch string that can accommodate any size head or hairstyle. Resistant to abrasion, mildew, and UV sunlight. In other words, it's perfect for parties, pranks, and festivals. 

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