Neutral Will Smith Mask by RapMasks

$ 15.00
Neutral Will Smith Mask by RapMasks

Backstory:  Will Smith is one of those actors that literally everyone who watches movies has heard of. You don’t have to keep up with celebrities to know that Will Smith is one of the best-known black actors in Hollywood. This Fresh Prince was in 8 movies in a row that earned over $100 million in the US box offices. He was also accepted to a program for high-schoolers at MIT, but he didn’t have any plans for college. Instead, he decided to become “the biggest movie star in the world.” Did he succeed? Please submit to us an essay of at least 2,000 words on the subject. Or just buy the mask.

Size: 12 inches (Height) x 9 inches (Width)

Material: Premium 120 lb Matte Cardstock with Waterproof Lamination. Equipped with a durable, elastic stretch string that can accommodate any size head or hairstyle. Resistant to abrasion, mildew, and UV sunlight. In other words, it's perfect for parties, pranks, and festivals. 

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