Neutral Robert Downey Jr. Mask by RapMasks

$ 15.00
Neutral Robert Downey Jr. Mask by RapMasks

Backstory: Robert Downey Jr.—yes, you have to say his whole name—is Iron Man and Sherlock, and don’t we just love him? This prolific, versatile actor has been in everything from Zodiac to Tropic Thunder. He’s been in the movie industry since he was only in kindergarten. Robert Downey Jr. became Iron Man in 2008, and we can’t imagine anyone better for the part. His drug-addicted characters are close to his heart, because he himself struggled with addictions that led to multiple arrests. Rehab saved his life and career, and he was able to get his first post-rehab acting gig in 2001. He’s been drug-free since 2003, and doesn’t he seem much happier? We hope this Wonder Boy will be around for many years to come.

Size: 12 inches (Height) x 9 inches (Width)

Material: Premium 120 lb Matte Cardstock with Waterproof Lamination. Equipped with a durable, elastic stretch string that can accommodate any size head or hairstyle. Resistant to abrasion, mildew, and UV sunlight. In other words, it's perfect for parties, pranks, and festivals. 

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