Happy Anniversary From Tyrone Anniversary Card WITH SOUND – Unwelcome Greetings

Happy Anniversary From Tyrone Anniversary Card (PLAYS MEME SOUND)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "I'm Tyrone And I Can Fry My Own God Damn Chicken. I'm Just Here Looking For Somebody Wife To Fuck. *Passion Chord* Long Dick Style."

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Background: Anniversaries mark a special time in any couple's relationship. A marker of time that lets you know just how long you've been cuffed. Sometimes anniversaries get repetitive, and might not feel so special anymore, but that's where Tyrone comes in.

Tyrone, a character created by Vine user Naphil Hitson, is a bodybuilding bully in a durag, who interrupts regular people on the street in order to make it known that he's hunting for some wives. Even if she's yours.

With Tyrone nearby, this will be a special anniversary. It'll make you remember that you do love your wife. And that you don't plan on letting her run off with Tyrone. Keep her close homie.

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