Gucci Mane Bitch I Might Be In Love Card (PLAYS ACTUAL SONG)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "Bitch I Might Be. Bitch I Might Be. Bitch I Might Be. Bitch I Might Be."

Love could be awkward, love could be confusing. There's a lot of mixed signals that get sent between two people. Communication is key, however with text messages, words can be misinterpreted and taken in offense. To keep the other person on the hook, you gotta keep the situation as confusing as possible. Maybe you love them, or maybe you don't. Who knows? Pretty sure you have no idea either.

On April 10th, 2013, Gucci Mane was photographed in court where he was indicted for assaulting a military soldier with a champagne bottle. On April 17th, Redditor hellpony submitted a photoshopped screenshot of a local news report to the /r/Funny subreddit, which changed the on-screen text to read “Rapper Gucci Mane responds with ‘bitch I might be’ when asked if guilty.”


The phrase "Bitch I Might Be" was pulled from Gucci Mane's 2006 single Pillz. The video was made at the height of the rap DVD days and obviously was made on a budget of $25. Luckily, Gucci shine so bright, he make it right. 

When love is in the air, it's healthy to keep it ambiguous, confusing, and without boundaries. Let Gucci Mane explain how you feel about this beautiful person you're with.

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