Goose on Fire AKA Fire Duck Meme Card (PLAYS QUACK SOUND) – Unwelcome Greetings

Goose on Fire AKA Fire Duck Meme Card (PLAYS QUACK SOUND)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches




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Background: If you're an average person (its okay to admit it), life can become somewhat routine. You wake up, take a dump, brush teeth, scarf down your breakfast and leave for work/school. You come home, eat, watch porn, watch Netflix, drink beer/vodka, pass out & repeat. It doesn't have to be this way. Don't get stuck. Don't simply become another sitting duck. Don't just quack your life away in the same pond. Break free. Rebel. Get lit AF. Set yourself on fire and become FIRE DUCK. 

On December 5th, 2010, DeviantArtist Matoroignika uploaded a photograph and what appeared to be a flaming goose titled “Fire Duck”. The picture shows a goose running past a campfire in the background, and the perspective of the photo makes it appear as if the goose’s head is on fire. Almost 5 years later, Redditor DannyD4rko submitted the picture to the /r/me_irl subreddit from which it began its spread across social media and into the meme realm. 


During the month of November 2015, memes of the goose began to appear on Facebook and Instagram and quickly flagged as “graphic violence,” because of Facebook thought that the goose in the image was actually on fire. The Facebook community standards page prohibits images of “graphic violence.”  The internet community wasn't having it and quickly began to churn out memes illustrating the beef between Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook CEO in case you've been dead or in jail for the last 10 years) and the legend himself, Fire Duck/Goose. 

Don't let your friends become sitting ducks. Grab a lighter and set them fire. Give them this card as you sing "This DUCK is on FIYAAAAAAA" 

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