Drake Popcaan VIEWS Like Controlla Birthday Card (PLAYS ACTUAL SONG) – Unwelcome Greetings

Drake VIEWS Like Controlla Birthday Card (PLAYS ACTUAL SONG)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "Like Controlla... Controllaaa...Yeah, O-kay, You Like It, When I Get, Aggressive, Tell You To, Go Slower, Go Faster... Like Controlla...Controlla"


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Background: It's really hard to grow up these days. With technology and entertainment evolving on a daily basis, being young and playing with all the new phones, watches, virtual reality and video games doesn't seem like a bad life. Unfortunately, we gotta grow up and face life as it comes, and many of us do, bucking up and facing life head on with all of it's challenges. While some of us mature, others don't. You know that friend. He should be out looking for a job but chooses to stay in to play Call of Duty all day. Or the one who watches porn all day when its about the time for him to be getting married. Give him or her a reality check on their next birthday.

On April 29, 2016 the hip-hop artist and worldwide phenomenon known as Drake dropped his long awaited "VIEWS," originally titled "Views From The 6" (probably changed the name because he had a bad view from the 6). The cover itself was revealed 3 days prior to the album drop and featured Drake sitting atop the CN Tower, the rapper barely noticeable. Within minutes the meme became known as "Tiny Drake," featuring his small figure sitting atop random people, places and things. 

Prior to the album dropping, a leaked song called "Controlla" hit the internet. The leaked version features Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan as well as Toronto's wanna be Jamaican, Drizzy Drake. The album version of the song does not feature Popcaan, but rather a sample of Beenie Man's "Tear Off Mi Garment." 

Know someone immature with an upcoming birthday? Help them stop playing with themselves like Controlla. Don't masturbate...celebrate. 6 God is watching, always.

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