DJ Khaled Congratulations You Played Yourself Birthday Card WITH SOUND – Unwelcome Greetings

DJ Khaled Congratulations You Played Yourself Birthday Card (PLAYS SOUND)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "Congratulations You Played Yourself. DON'T YOU EVER PLAY YOURSELF."

Designed by Mentis Design


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Background: Are your friends always telling you that you should get this or get that for their birthday? And when you look at what they want, it's usually something way out of your budget? In between all your student loans, credit card bills, and car payments, you'd actually save money by NOT seeing them on their birthday. This birthday card is for those people expecting too much.

DJ Khaled, the self-proclaimed "BEST" at everything, has put together some of the biggest hip hop collaborations of all time. Songs such as "We Takin' Over" and "All I Do Is Win" have grown to become the beloved anthems of champions. And while the songs bear DJ Khaled's name, he doesn't really rap on them, but instead blesses us with his famous catchphrases such as "WE THE BEST" and of course "ANOTHER ONE" to let you know he has another hit single on his hands.

In 2015, DJ Khaled stepped his game up, releasing everyday tips and advice via SnapChat titled "Keys to Success." On November 26, 2015, Music Choice released a motivational video featuring DJ Khaled and his compilation of motivation to help you win at life. 

He continued his run of sensational catchphrases through 2016, including the pillar "Congratulations You Played Yourself" that's used when someone makes an assumption that turns out not to be true. 

For all those friends expecting to get the most on their birthday, help them realize they're playing themselves. Money ain't free so why should you give it. They ain't no charity.

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