Counter Strike HEADSHOT Birthday Card (PLAYS SOUND)

$ 15.00

Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "Boom Headshot, Boom Headshot, Booooo-om Headshot, *VOICE OF GOD*: HEADSHOT"


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Background: Is there a n00b in your life who is about to advance in age but continues to suck at gaming, despite the numerous hours he or she spends running around the map? Did he or she only make it into the clan because they are your friend, and not based on their skill set? Is this n00b the weakest link? Time to celebrate their birthday with a familiar feeling... being the victim of the infamous HEADSHOT. 

Headshots first appeared in the James Bond game 007 GoldenEye, realeased in 1997. The FPS gaming feature got a major upgrade in 1999 once Unreal Tournament dropped, and had an announcer who proclaimed "Headshot!" in the familar God Voice after each shot to the head. They also counted as an automatic kill and drove up the player's score. 

Boom, Headshot is a catchphrase made popular through a web mockumentary series called Pure Pwnage, which follows the fictional life of a Canadian pro-gamer named Jeremy and his circle of friends. In the fifth episode titled “M8s,” which debuted on December 19, 2006, the phrase is repeatedly uttered by pro-gramer FPS Doug every time he shoots an opponent.

If there's a n00b in your life that needs to be pwn'd, their birthday is the perfect time to get that done. With a H3@d$h0t.