Angry Britney Spears Mask by RapMasks

$ 15.00
Angry Britney Spears Mask by RapMasks

BackstoryLeave Britney alone! Britney Spears is arguably one of the most iconic names in pop music. If Michael Jackson was the king of pop, you might say that Britney is the princess. With “Baby One More Time,” “Toxic,” and “Piece of Me,” you get one hot Femme Fatale. Her work can get above a PG-13 rating, if you know what we mean. With “3” and “If You Seek Amy,” you might get a bit hot under the collar. 

This ringleader is a beautiful, powerful icon in the music industry. The stress of being famous hurt her mental health, but if she could survive 2007, you can survive
whatever you’re going through right now.

Size: 12 inches (Height) x 9 inches (Width)

Material: Premium 120 lb Matte Cardstock with Waterproof Lamination. Equipped with a durable, elastic stretch string that can accommodate any size head or hairstyle. Resistant to abrasion, mildew, and UV sunlight. In other words, it's perfect for parties, pranks, and festivals. 

Handmade in NYC


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