Funny 'Trick Candles Birthday' Congratulations Card - Firefighters Vs. Fake Flames from Trick Candles Birthday Card - Funny Birthday Card - Free Shipping

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  • CARD'S INSIDE SENTIMENT READS: Have A Happy Birthday Again And Again. - How many candles are they blowing this time on their birthday? Who cares! Don't you just wish that the birthday celebrator was the firefighter in the card who's trying to extinguish a false flame from a trick candle factory? That something really hilarious.
  • SIZE: It's their birthday! Give them something different this time on their special day. Instead of the usual cake and candle greeting cards, send them this jumbo size happy birthday card with a funny comic cover. Our big, 8.5 x 11 letterhead size greeting cards can be described as Extra Large, big, huge or oversized, but one thing’s for sure...they have an extra large impact and leave Big memorable impressions!
  • USE: When was the last time you gave someone a note card? You don't have to spend much as a birthday present. A simple birthday greeting along with this card is already enough as a personal gift from yours to them! Use this elegant, high quality, funny stationery to personalize and write your XL Merry Christmas wish. It ships pre-folded in a protective wrapper with a mailing envelope for your convenience.
  • ABOUT THE CARD - Keeping US jobs at home, most of our products are Made in the USA (some printed in Canada) for more than 39 years, unlike our off-brand Chinese competitors! We print our Christmas greetings on snow white, thick, recycled cardstock, made from renewable farmed trees. Our print on demand technology is a modern (we no longer use papyrus, naturally) eco friendly, reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.