Funky Rainbow Wildlife-Elephant Featuring Hipster-Like Image of Elephant with Colorful Paint Splotches, Funny Birthday Card - Free Shipping

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  • Card is blank inside.
  • "Square-Tops" is our original proprietary name and refers to the unique NEW innovative layout with a distinctive size. These cool cards are 4 ¾" x 6 5/8" overall with an unusual 4.81" x 4.81" square-shaped smaller cover page that creates a surprising multidimensional appearance, and fit perfectly into the included 5" x 7" conventional rectangular mailing envelope so no extra postage is required!
  • Square-Tops have a fresh look, often featuring design motifs on the card's right panel which is an extended view of what is usually the card's interior page. This artistic detail serves as a complementing frame to the cover art, creating a unique card and a lasting, memorable impression.
  • Our eco-friendly, modern and efficient print-on-demand technology and premium recycled, renewable cardstock drastically reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Printed in North America.
  • A nod to art and artists around the globe, these artful cards are part of a hand-selected, carefully curated collection, published by a small family owned artisan stationery company dedicated to supporting and bringing together some of the world's best creative, talented artists. Art by World Art Group