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Kanye West Hey Mama Mother's Day Card (Plays Song)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "My M-m-m-m Mama /I Wanna Scream So Loud For You, Cuz I’m So Proud Of You An A/ Let Me Tell You What I’m About To Do/ Mama, You Know I Act A Fool But, I Promise You I’m Goin Back To School An/ I Appreciate What You Allowed For Me, An A 

You’re, Unbreakable, Unmistakable/ Highly Capable, Lady That’s Makin Loot/ A Livin Legend Too, Just Look At What Heaven Do/ Send Us An Angel, And I Thank You

Mama, I Wanna Scream So Loud For You/ Cuz I’m So Proud Of You An A/ Let Me Tell You What I’m About To Do/ Mama, You Know I Love You So An/ I Never Let You/ Go An I Wrote This Song Just So You Know/ No Matter When You Go"

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself "Wait, did my mom even wanna have me?" We had that thought and even asked mom to which she replied "Nah not really" But hey, mama (pun intended) did a hell of a job for someone who didn't want to. We all made it this far so it's only right we let mama know how proud we are of her. Watch mama tear up with this funny Kanye West Mother's Day Card which plays "Hey Mama" upon opening. 

Hey Mama is song by Yeezus before Yeezy aka Kanye West which was released on August 20, 2005 off his second album Late Registration. Even though the song was released in 2005, Kanye actually recorded it as early as 2000. The song is a ballad dedicated to West's mother, Donda West, describing his affection and appreciation for her having raised him personal hardships and instilling her values in him.


After his mother's death in 2007, West performed the song live as a tribute to her, most notably during all of his Glow in the Dark tour. He even performed a slightly different version of "Hey Mama" as a tribute at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. This is the version featured in the card. 

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Hey mama

The card was great! My mom loved it!


Its literally perfect