Father's Day

DJ Khaled I Appreciate You Father's Day Card (PLAYS SOUND)

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Size: 7 inches x 5 inches

Sound: "You Smart... You Very Smart... We The Best... You A Genius... I Appreciate You... You're Loyal"

Mom might've carried you for 9 months, but dad had to lay down the pipe 9 months in advance. Regardless if he had planned it or shot his load unexpectedly into mom, you still gotta give the guy credit for making a life. If he stuck around after that nut, that dude was your mom's biggest cheerleader (aka her bitch) standing on the sidelines, succumbing to her every demand. Dad played his part for the years that came after. The same years you were too lazy to walk so he threw you up on his shoulders. The same years you got in trouble drinking and he had to pick your bum ass up in the middle of the night. Those same years that you didn't have an occupation aside from begging daddy for money. He's been through a lot with you. He's been holding you down since day one. It's time to return the favor. 

DJ Khaled, the self-proclaimed "BEST" at everything, has put together some of the biggest hip hop collaborations of all time. Songs such as "We Takin' Over" and "All I Do Is Win" have grown to become the beloved anthems of champions. And while the songs bear DJ Khaled's name, he doesn't really rap on them, but instead blesses us with his famous catchphrases such as "WE THE BEST" and of course "ANOTHER ONE" to let you know he has another hit single on his hands.

In 2015, DJ Khaled stepped his game up, releasing everyday tips and advice via SnapChat titled "Keys to Success." On November 26, 2015, Music Choice released a motivational video featuring DJ Khaled and his compilation of motivation to help you win at life. 

Tell your dad that he smart, he loyal, he's your everything, and you appreciate the fuck out of him. I love you dad.

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