Donald Trump: The Living Meme

Donald Trump: The Living Meme

Unwelcome Greetings

Is it the hair? The spray tan? The mispronunciation of basic words? 



Mostly likely, it's a combination of all three, along with few other characteristics, that make up the case as to why Donald Trump is a living meme. Regardless of whether you swing left, right, up, down, or just swing dicks, you do have to admit, Trump can get ridiculous.



This ridiculousness, this crazy, unpredictable behavior of his can be easily explained by one key notion: Trump is a living meme.

Now, you may be asking "But wait, what meme in particular? I can't think of one that perfectly embodies everything Trump is." And you'd be correct. He isn't just one. He is all. Trump is all the memes fused like Dragonball Z characters. 




Don't believe us? Let's go through a few.


1. Asking Trump about foreign policy, international diplomacy, or anything having to do with how the government works (something with which he's had no experience).




2. "The American people will never elect a president who has close ties to Russia, Wall Street, and who doesn't pay taxes."




3. The Most Interesting Man in the World (Trump Edition):


"I don't always grab pussy... but when I do, I do it without permission."

4. Grumpy Cat: Okay, but really, can you even tell a difference between the two?



And we're just getting started. We could've have included Trump versions of "Overly Attached Girlfriend", "Scumbag Steve", and the "U Mad?" memes, but those just seemed too easy.

You too can get in on all the Trump ridicule and living meme fun by grabbing your very own Trump Mask (and not grabbing it by the pussy) 



Live like the president! Live like a meme! 




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